How to Improve Your Color Posters

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Every year, all of us should really do New Year’s resolutions. Not only do these things give us direction in life, but they also help us better ourselves by encouraging us to let go of the bad things we do and aim to do more of the good stuff. The same goes for poster printing of course. You will want to also have New Year’s resolutions for your color posters so that they can become better and more effective on the following year.

In this tutorial article, I will teach you the important New Year’s Resolutions that all color posters must have this year. Believe me, it is well worth planning to improve those color posters since you will want them to be competitive and effective all the time.

1. Use better materials for posters – One thing that should always be part of your poster New Year’s resolution is to use better materials for your posters. If you are a bit cheap like me, you will probably use the most affordable type of paper material and inks in poster printing. However, many cases have proven that color posters with high quality materials often have more impact and get more responses that those cheap looking ones.

That is why, I always try to make it a New Year’s resolution to use better materials in poster printing, and you should too. Just try to manage the budget of your projects precisely so that slowly, you can afford better poster materials each year. With this little investment, you should get more out of your poster promotions. Trust me.

2. Get new and better graphics – It is also an important New Year’s resolution in poster printing to get new and better graphics each year. An image can get old even with just a year on display in your posters. It is always better to use or compose new ones each year, so that people can have something fresh and new to take interest in with your posters. So invest a bit each start of the year and hire a photographer or graphic artist. With new full color images, your posters should be able to attract old and new eyes to it.

3. Get new and better fonts –With each year comes new font styles and in most cases, the popular fonts follow design trends that exist in the market today. It is a great New Year’s resolution of course to always follow those trends and get new and better fonts for your color posters. With new fonts each year, your brochure text content will look more current, more interesting and of course more reliable. That is why it is a good idea to actually look at fresh new fonts made each year.

4. Revise and retool the text content – You should also aim to always revise and retool your text content in posters. The same old titles and taglines will typically not work the second year running, simply because it gets old. So make sure that you always try to update your text content and adapt the current style lingo and culture into your posters. With these yearly updates, you should have the best and most effective content that you need for posters.

5. Do more market research – Finally, this is something for all those lazy poster printers out there. It is important to always aim to do more market research. Knowledge is power my friend and the more you know about your audiences, the more convincing and powerful your posters should become. So always make it a point to promise yourself to do the market research homework.

Good! Remember all these resolutions well. Write them out even. It is important that you do not forget all these New Year’s resolutions for poster printing. If you can promise yourself to do these things, I can promise you better full color posters and of course more results from them.

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How to Improve Your Color Posters

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This article was published on 2011/01/03