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A poster posted on a community billboard struck me. It was a poster advertising the boxing match between Filipino boxing star, Manny Pacquiao and British boxing icon, Ricky Hatton. It was not a unique poster printing because this is usually how boxing matches are advertised: the protagonists in battle posture. What struck me is the way boxing matches are advertised. These poster printing are usually over-flowing with testosterone. I mean, it is written and designed to attract men.

These simple printing posters pumped up desire. They directly talked to men. Men related and connected with these printing posters. One delivered the boxing matches message in a way that convinced men to get a ticket right away, even though that money is intended for something else. The desire is just too over powering to give it up.

If you have tried poster printing in the past, you probably missed the most important element in any poster design: emotional connection. How can you make sure your print posters appeal to your target clients' emotions? If you want to know, read on and follow these tips.

1. Target a specific audience. In the example above, it was generally intended for the male species. Regardless of age, boxing appealed to the men folk. If your posters are not connecting, throw it away and redesign another. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money on something that is not achieving its purpose. In other words, your design should focus on the market you are aiming for. Designs are not like shotguns - you don't aim and hope to hit something. Printing posters should be tailored to a specific target audience.

2. Your posters should stand out. Generic posters or those fly-by-night poster printing companies will not stand out. They are from past templates and were resurrected because you needed one. Your posters should stand out because they need to appeal to your readers or prospects' emotions.

The poster design for the Pacquiao-Hatton match was well conceptualized and developed for the boxing aficionados. Its design incorporates memories of Rome's gladiator events.

3. Choose colors that appeal to emotions. Red stokes up anger, passion and rage. Orange encourages optimism and cheerfulness. Black sends out a message of mystery. These are the subliminal effects of color. Know them and use them to stir up your customer's emotions.

These are just some tips to ensure that you have an effective poster design. Always remember these three things as you embark on your postcard printing for a more successful and effective marketing strategy.

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Poster Printing - How to Connect

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This article was published on 2010/04/02